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The Community Of Dedication And Worship Of Penguins And Sporks!

42 Penguins Armed With Sporks...

Comm. of dedi. & worship of Penguins and Sporks
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*penguin armed with a spork squints suspiciously out of the screen*

"Follow me..." it thinks.

You follow it...

You blink at the community before you.

You realise.

A penguin armed with a spork just thought to you.

This is the beginning of a very bad day...


"We love penguins...and sporks. You do too. You know it. Join us and our army legion social gathering 'community' of worship and dedication."

Aman'mai(a.k.a LJ Ghost) and Shini(a.k.a shini_kuma) welcome you to their... community of penguins and sporks... EVIL penguins and sporks...