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Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Looks like this little shrine, temple community of dedication and worship of penguins and sporks has been a little derelict for a while now.


Well, I have the perfect thing to get this back up onto it's feet... well, actually I don't have the perfect thing exactly, but I'm going to have to try:

A list of great new penguin games for you to enjoy ^^

Not unlike the original Penguin 1 of Yetisports.org, but much more fun! See the little legs twitch! >v<

More Penguin games from Yetisport.org

Penguin Monster Devastates Austraria
An interesting article I managed to come across...

The Original Evil Penguin

The Slightly Less Official Spork Page
QUOTE Yet a spork is so much more than just a poor excuse for an eating utensil.
A spork is a perfect metaphor for human existance. It tries to function as both spoon and fork, and because of this dual nature, it fails miserably at both. You cannot have soup with a spork, it is far too shallow; you cannot eat meat with a spork, the prongs are too small. END QUOTE

If everyone could contribute their own favourite penguin/spork links, please do. Or anythign else tha might keep this community alive... please?

*penguins level sporks in aggressive manner*


Don't Ever Be Alone.

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