Bull Goose Looney (emoticripple) wrote in codawopas,
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Penguins (and sporks) of the world, UNITE!!!!

I propose the following:

The dedicated will form two waves of spectators in the gallery of the U.S. senate. The first will discreetly affix sporks to the rails of the balcony. Having done so, they will leave the room and create a diversion to draw security off the floor and out to the rotunda. At this point, the second wave will approach the sporks and take from their pockets one to two dozen either infant or pygmy penguins (dependent the kind of R&D funding we can drum up), and launch them catapult style onto the floor of the our nation's highest legislative body, and into the mouths of the morons pontificating there. Let the evil commence.

So, the Mall, um, next Thursday, noonish?
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