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I'm doing a reprt on penguins for English.... and my teacher tells me that she had a rather intresting penguin encounter awhile ago.
It seems she and her daughter went to Irelin. (sp? I know i didnt spell that correctly) They went to see a tradtion that tarted a long time ago when a zoo keeper forgot to lock the gate and left to do i dont know what. Anyways the penguins bean to follow him ^_^. So they began a tradition that at 2 pm everday they would take the penguins and line them up from shortest to tallest (or vise versa i forget) and walk them through the zoo. They saw it and it was apparently really adoable. Anyways, i was wondering if anyone else had ever seen this and maybe had pictures? That has now become a goal of mien, to go there and tkae some pictures... maybe bring a video camera... or maybe move into that zoo... ^_^

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