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I couldn't resist...

Possible Uses Sporks Might Have For Penguins

1) An army to take over the world (sporks have a slight problem being taken seriously by the international community)

2) Butlers (they come with their own tux!)

3) Food source (penguin burgers, penguin gumbo, penguin shish kabobs, penguin pie...)

4) Pets (I know I want a pet penguin)

5) Spies (isn't it a bit suspicious that there are all these penguins in zoos all around the world that are happy to swim around and entertain us...)

6) Transportation (one word...penguin-mobile)

7) Warning Siren (I'm not quite sure what sound a penguin makes, but I bet if you poked it with a spork it would make a loud something)

8) Coat rack (how else do you think they keep their coats off the ground?!?)

9) Sex toy (you knew it was coming)

And Last But Not Least:

10) As a presidential candidate smarter than G.W.

(I apologize to all penguins for comparing them to George W. Bush, I understand the trauma and damage to the reputation of all penguins that comes from such a comparison.)
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Oh! A spork list! I didn't even think of that! Good job! (Whoa- overuse of exclamation mark. o_O;)
yeah, it was kind of late, and I was kind of brain dead, but all in all it didn't turn out too bad

I left out musical instruments though (when you poke penguins of different sizes they make different noises--kind of like moving water glasses)
*tries to think of witty reply, but fails miserably* Bah. x_x I'll come up with a couple after I sleep on it.
*imagines a spork using a penguin for a sex toy* Whoa...@.@
a bit twisted, no?
Literally...? It could be.
i also share an intrest in penguins but im not quite sure about sporks there and odd invention